YouTube 10 Years Ago Was A Scary Place

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  • Published on:  12/6/2018
  • youtube a decade (10 years) ago was scary. thanks to shane dawson and fred and supermac18 and boxxybabee and more but we love them still lolHYDRA (my merch) Round 6 ► IRL CHANNEL ► PROJECT ► ► ► ryantrahanbiz@gmail.comFAQ:1. What equipment do you use?My camera - lens - mic - lens - drone - mic (commentary) - computer - tripod - COMMENT: fred is so relatable XD


  • KALO
    KALO 8 months ago+6881

    Shane used to have his phone number in his description lol.

  • Janice Grailmer
    Janice Grailmer 6 months ago+1839

    maybe in ten years, we'll think this is weird...

  • Yazmin
    Yazmin 6 months ago+1613

    "Shane is the king of youtube"
    Piewdiepie with 83 million subs: AM I A JOKE TO YOU

  • nicknack 512
    nicknack 512 3 months ago+304

    Fun fact: Fred was the first youtuber to reach 1 million subscribers.
    I honestly find that hard to believe 😂

  • kkawaii 카와이잉jjk 쩨이쩨이케이

    Now it's scary but in HD

  • kajusu
    kajusu 6 months ago+414

    10 years from now, someone will do the same to your videos

  • Percy Phillips
    Percy Phillips 6 months ago+153

    Why does supermac sound like Emma chamberlain

    JULIAN SMITH 7 months ago+858

    Joanna Ceddia seems to be doing just fine filming on her phone Ry ry ;)

  • YoIts Chlo
    YoIts Chlo 6 months ago+179

    "iM nOt oN drUgs!"

  • Snail 123
    Snail 123 8 months ago+10669

    I feel like it’s scarier now to be honest

  • bread winner
    bread winner 6 months ago+347

    Ryan doesn't know what a fisheye lens is?

  • Natalie Johnson
    Natalie Johnson 6 months ago+77

    The only reason I knew of Fred was because of iCarly😂😂

  • PJ U
    PJ U 6 months ago+43

    he was reincarnated... By JOJO SIWA

  • Miley Snodgrass
    Miley Snodgrass 6 months ago+50

    “Fred” now has a channel called Lucas and his videos are pretty good

  • zander Burns
    zander Burns 8 months ago+2652

    Does anyone remember the icarly and Fred crossover?

  • Chloe Cecilia
    Chloe Cecilia 6 months ago+74

    Oh my god “a live stream of someone’s peephole” lmaoooo

  • Arianna Patrick
    Arianna Patrick 3 months ago+38

    Conspiracy: what if supermac18 is now Colby Brock. 😱😱

  • Nevaeh Mallory
    Nevaeh Mallory 5 months ago+69

    0:00 it really did sound like Fred right there 😂

  • Violet Young
    Violet Young 3 months ago+31

    I watched Macs video and at the end he just says, “I’m Mac... school sucks”
    I mean he’s not wrong but...

  • Claire M
    Claire M 7 months ago+2838

    At least people weren't in it for the money 10 years ago. It was a place where people who often didn't really fit in could actually express themselves instead of pumping out daily, emotionless videos, begging for people to buy their merch. People could make innocent and even cringy shit without having countless others immediately critisizing and making fun of it just to make their own bread. It was pure and silly and not ruined by the masses yet.