Becoming A Comedian: Bombing On Stage

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  • Published on:  3/22/2013
  • Related Blog Article: In this video I talk about my first attempt at becoming a comedian and how my very first failed performance kept me from attempting stand-up comedy again for almost a decade.

    Here's what I can tell you about stand-up comedy that I didn't know when I first started:

    There's much more to developing a stand-up comedy routine that will get significant laughs than meets the eye.

    Bombing on stage is largely self-inflicted, caused by a comedian's lack of knowledge and preparation before the stand before an audience.

    Every comedian will bomb on stage during their career. The key is to reduce bombing to the absolute minimum. That aspect of stand-up comedy is completely within the control of the comedian.

    Becoming a comedian is a challenging endeavor. But it can become extremely difficult if not impossible if a prospective comedian doesn't really know what they are doing to entertain audiences in a big way.

    And as I expressed in the video, I was completely unprepared to have any measure of success as a comedian.

    I want others who have comedy talent to avoid the issues I had when I attempted my first performance as a comedian.

    As I mentioned in the video, you may want to check out the free lessons at if you want to discover what not only held me back, what holds others back in their quest to become a comedian.

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