The Last Tortilla Kings of Brooklyn | Food Skills

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  • Published on:  4/15/2019
  • Bushwick, Brooklyn was once an epicenter for Mexican cuisine in NYC, earning the nickname the “Tortilla Triangle” in the process. Today, Mi Barrio Tortilleria is one of the only tortilla factories that remains, churning out hundreds of thousands of tortillas every day.In this special edition of Food Skills, owners Miguel and Nelson Carrera give First We Feast an intimate glimpse into Mi Barrio’s decades-long history on Flushing Avenue. Together, the Carreras have successfully transformed a struggling tortilla factory into a booming food-service empire, supplying goods to neighborhood taquerias, as well as Michelin-starred Mexican restaurants. Here, as Miguel and Nelson tour Mi Barrio’s production facility and its surrounding neighborhood, the brothers share the details behind their family’s uniquely American success story.Subscribe to First We Feast on YouTube: out more of First We Feast here: We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.


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  • Tatiana Lopez
    Tatiana Lopez 3 months ago+158

    The most inspiring story "my dad was a driver, 10yrs later we purchased it" <3

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 4 months ago+260

    Rolling in and buying up the company your dad used to drive trucks for is one of the most baller moves I've ever heard of.

  • masterxDh20
    masterxDh20 3 months ago+102

    He had to add "that's legal" at the end of the sentence. LOL

  • Warren 733
    Warren 733 4 months ago+502

    we gotta get Jimmy Kimmel to see his mexican doppelgänger!

  • rageinryan185
    rageinryan185 4 months ago+286

    I didn’t know I cared about tortillas until watching this video.

  • devil lonesome
    devil lonesome 4 months ago+135

    Jimmy Kimmel working two jobs. Respek dude

  • Peter Montez
    Peter Montez 3 months ago+59

    I Love these guys. The true embodiment of the American spirit! Obviously, their father was a huge role model for them like my Mexican father-RIP. Buena Suerte!

    CESARCONGO 4 months ago+358

    So proud of my Mexican brothers, real entrepreneurs and pathing the way for the next generation.

  • FreedumFries
    FreedumFries 4 months ago+95

    how can you not watch this and be proud of this family!? awesome job fellas!!!!

  • BadDriversNYC
    BadDriversNYC 4 months ago+46

    Went to jr and high school with Miguel. Proud of him and his hard work.

  • Pheezy420 REEFER
    Pheezy420 REEFER 3 months ago+13

    Mexican coke are the best! They use real sugar cane

  • Eric Rautio
    Eric Rautio 4 months ago+116

    i lived across the street from this place; right next to the cheese factory! awesome to see the old hood and what went on inside

  • Sin 3.14
    Sin 3.14 3 months ago+42

    "On Friday i was making cheese, and on Monday i was making tortillas" i bet on Wednesday he makes Quesadillas ;)

  • Matt Strickland
    Matt Strickland 4 months ago+78

    Wow. These guys saw a successful business that was failing, strengthened it's weak points and just truly respected it's employees. Inspirational.

  • Cynthia Baker
    Cynthia Baker 3 months ago+57

    So Canada eats tortillas made in NEW YORK CITY. Makes perfect sense.

  • Tulia Garcia
    Tulia Garcia 3 months ago+44

    My old stomping grounds how beautiful to see my people being successful 💯 🇲🇽 many blessings to you Nelson and Miguel Carrera

  • Nancy Santamaria La Tica
    Nancy Santamaria La Tica 4 months ago+48

    Cool guys. I see the loyalty lots of dedication and family ran
    Latinos !!! I’m Costa Rica 🇨🇷 so yes very proud

  • Nay Tro
    Nay Tro 4 months ago+61

    Thumbnail lookin' like a Guitar Hero chart.

  • luis sanchez
    luis sanchez 3 months ago+36

    Tortillas is were the money at and I hope the best for them