Watch keep laugh EP63 ● The funny moments 2017

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  • Published on:  10/30/2017
  • Hi everybody. Today's video is a new episode in the series: "The happy and funny moments of the Chinese people." The channel wants to bring joy, humor, and lots of laughter to everyone.✔️If you see or remember to press LIKE and SHARE video to your friends or relatives.✔️Remove the COMMENT value below the video.👉👉👉 Do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to support the channel, and get the latest videos.❗❗❗ See more:▶▶▶ Facebook:📢📢📢 Thank you for watching the video


  • Han Bui 1 years ago

    A hi hi😂

  • Barbi Feher 8 months ago

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  • Barbi Feher 8 months ago

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  • Mahatab Alam 1 years ago


  • Yuli Guerra 8 months ago


  • B cute 10 months ago

    Mahatab Alam qq

  • Yoridam Gubar 7 months ago


  • jonathan ibis 1 years ago


  • Anh tượng vàng mất dạy=)

  • Quay Chi 1 years ago

    mat cuoi vay lon

  • Huỳnh Toàn 11 1 years ago

    Tiu vải

  • عبد جميل55 1 years ago

    the other side, and

  • Ohsusu Tv 1 years ago

    Cười đau bụng v

  • Nghia Tran 1 years ago

    Toàn gái đẹp ko muốn chich