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  • Published on:  1/12/2018
  • TODAY I GO ONLINE AND BUY ALL MY FAKE MERCH! This was so interesting to see how much knock off merch is out there in the world! Should I sue lol?!

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  • Alexis Pleizier-Evans
    Alexis Pleizier-Evans 17 hours ago

    Anyone:”sees a picture of Joey at 14:50”
    Anyone:wow that dudes really narcissistic 😂

  • Jaden Schenk
    Jaden Schenk 19 hours ago

    A nightmare for who!? *wakes in the middle of the night* It was only a dream. Lol I'm joking I love you Joeyy

  • BayLee Reeves
    BayLee Reeves 3 days ago

    Joey I LOVE you sooo much!!❤️❤️ and I love your songs, and I love DON’t WAIT sooo much, and ho Darling!!!❤️❤️❤️ MERRY ME!!!😆😆

  • Samantha Dawson
    Samantha Dawson 5 days ago

    Don’t know what to comment Oof 💕😂

  • alana Anderson
    alana Anderson 11 days ago

    I ship shoey

  • Sheila Kay Gaddis
    Sheila Kay Gaddis 11 days ago

    That was funny

  • Paris Kacey
    Paris Kacey 12 days ago

    By fare the pillow was the best xx

  • Sandra Lopez
    Sandra Lopez 12 days ago

    The pillow was so cute

  • Ang ela
    Ang ela 12 days ago


  • Elizabete Bērziņa
    Elizabete Bērziņa 12 days ago+1

    I need it 😂

  • Queenpotatotv Animal jam

    Does any one see his teeth and just stare at your average teeth and be like how 😬

  • Motique Alston
    Motique Alston 15 days ago

    Fabulas dress

  • chad glenn
    chad glenn 16 days ago


  • K T
    K T 16 days ago

    That has to break some copyright laws.... I have to purchase the license to use a photo just to make art, just so I don't get sued.

  • Trudi Wilson
    Trudi Wilson 18 days ago

    -Miranda joined the video chat-

  • Mat Stewart
    Mat Stewart 19 days ago

    11:27 LOLLLLL

  • Emily Scobie
    Emily Scobie 22 days ago

    This was uploaded on my Birthday!

  • Shenia Broadbent
    Shenia Broadbent 22 days ago

    11:18 when you wanna be joey graceffa lol

  • Morgxn L3mus
    Morgxn L3mus 25 days ago

    Lmao the shirt that said Phan I can’t- 😅

  • Riley’s Gaming Channel

    The end scared me 😂