My Experience with Sports

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  • Published on:  10/21/2018
  • i've done a sport or two in my day

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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D ur better than any sport~


  • Woof Woof
    Woof Woof 13 minutes ago

    High quality animation right there!

  • Itadakimassachusetts
    Itadakimassachusetts 13 minutes ago

    Number 1 trending!?!?!? What?!

  • Eevee LoverYT
    Eevee LoverYT 13 minutes ago

    Congrats on #2 on treading!!!!

  • Shael Torr
    Shael Torr 13 minutes ago

    Good on trending number one👍👌

  • I am the One 254
    I am the One 254 13 minutes ago

    So your a sports and musical dolphin? 😂😎

  • Yuki The Little Llama
    Yuki The Little Llama 13 minutes ago

    I was a cheerleader for 3 months. I gave up. I WAS 4! I remember that shit -_- why i like sleep more now. But i met my bestie there, left and thought id never see her again. A year later she showed up and we're still friends. I am 14 now X3 She is 13

  • Ambre Begora
    Ambre Begora 13 minutes ago

    6:32 coming out? 😍😍

  • Dalton John
    Dalton John 14 minutes ago

    what bird is ari

  • french fry2324
    french fry2324 14 minutes ago

    Going to the side and throwing up is so true

  • David Bretz
    David Bretz 14 minutes ago

    Once i took a soccer ball to a face when i was playing soccer , and we still lost....
    but i got a free hat because i didnt cry , so go suck it

  • Elcuis Frenslet
    Elcuis Frenslet 14 minutes ago


  • Griuz
    Griuz 14 minutes ago

    At wich belt (kyu) did you quit at?

  • whynot shaboop
    whynot shaboop 14 minutes ago

    Did jaiden just come out?
    Because if she did yayyy

  • Dark
    Dark 14 minutes ago

    Poor Megan she was going to have gum in her hair

  • Ms.AwsomePerson TheCoolOne

    #1 on trending!!!

  • Demondji
    Demondji 15 minutes ago

    5:19 omi owa

  • rokamo
    rokamo 15 minutes ago+1

    can't imagine how much work animators go through, very nice

  • David Rivas
    David Rivas 15 minutes ago

    sports are the'll start dying, the equipment is expensive, and peopl will think that you fucking love sports...or something

  • Spooks Mantel
    Spooks Mantel 15 minutes ago

    I was in tennis in middle school and high school I loved it except when it snowed during my games or tennis practices

  • Tim Wilson
    Tim Wilson 15 minutes ago

    Football in Arkansas is horrible because whenever you throw up you can't do anything about it you have to go back on the field and keep on playing you never stop