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  • Published on:  6/21/2019
  • This is the most interesting video you'll ever see... from me... this week...MY IRL CHANNEL ► PROJECT ► (my merch) ► ► ► ryantrahanbiz@gmail.comFAQ:1. What equipment do you use?My camera - lens - mic - lens - drone - mic (commentary) - computer - tripod - COMMENT: wah!


  • Ryan Trahan
    Ryan Trahan  1 months ago+5679

    smash LIKE? :) and turn on POST NOTIFICATIONS or I’ll mix you into my bowl with sodium algiblabilate and calcium lastantomatectate 😡

  • Peaches lmao
    Peaches lmao 1 months ago+9047

    Ryan: Why didn't this work?
    Also Ryan: doesn't measure or mix anything correctly

    _SHELL_SHOCK_ 14 days ago+630

    Ryan: edible water bottles that are solid
    Me: So... are we just gonna ignore the ice cube or??

  • Not_Nitesh Yt
    Not_Nitesh Yt 1 months ago+547

    Ryan: "got to give this to my wife"
    sees Haley
    Ryan: just kidding

  • AnsonBC
    AnsonBC 7 days ago+129

    “ Thiccener? Gotta give some of these to my wife “
    I’m dying

  • KOP_gamer
    KOP_gamer 21 days ago+230

    Instead of water bottles you can use them as organic water baloons

  • Margot Lopez Rivera
    Margot Lopez Rivera 1 months ago+6505

    Ryan: has a company about reusable water bottles.
    Also Ryan: i'M maKing EdIBLe water bottles.

  • Isha Hamid
    Isha Hamid 1 months ago+321

    You’ve actually become my favourite youtuber in the span of half an hour 😂❤️

    THIS FREAKEN GUY 7 days ago+25

    You know when you have to chew your water
    It's not good water

  • Pastel Pink
    Pastel Pink 7 days ago+34

    Ryan: edible water bottles
    Ice cube: aM i A jOkE tO yOu?!

  • Matteus Haugland
    Matteus Haugland 7 days ago+35

    11:39 Just saving y’all 17 minutes, yeah it works

  • I want food
    I want food 1 months ago+2049

    Can we just appreciate how smooth Ryan's transitions are?

  • LEKU
    LEKU 2 days ago+6

    Who saw the Yuri on ice shirt leave a like if you did XD

  • Madison.Haileigh
    Madison.Haileigh 3 days ago+5

    Ryan: Is this thickener?...IT IS! gotta give this to ma wife :))))
    Also Ryan: Oh wait WAS JUST JOKING..........Ok back to the video;;)

  • kenan nisbett
    kenan nisbett 2 days ago+4

    Yo u just got a new subscriber bro.. u funny as hellll bruhh😂😂

  • Muryam
    Muryam yesterday+3

    Ryan:”eats the edible water”
    Ryan:OOOO it tastes like....
    Ryan:”BUTt hOLe”

  • Jac I Guess
    Jac I Guess 1 months ago+3132

    “what did i do wrong?”
    uh about everything ryan...

  • Jeffery P
    Jeffery P yesterday+2

    “That looks like a gram to me”
    I wish you were my plug.

  • unknown species
    unknown species 13 hours ago+2

    Excuse me but I'm poor.
    What is that green and red light behind him?

  • Dr.Radiation
    Dr.Radiation 14 days ago+16

    So I did this for my science fair project a month ago or so. And when I tried it. It tasted absolutely disgusting like wtf