Everything Wrong With A Quiet Place In 13 Minutes Or Less

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  • Published on:  12/4/2018
  • A Quiet Place is a great movie! We loved it. But like all movies, it still has sins, so we did what we do and pointed them out in a video.

    Thursday: Adventure sins.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • guyliner (Dec 10, 2018)

    person: *sneezes*monster: it's free real estate

  • Jackson Mayo (Apr 22, 2019)

    Monster: I’m bout to end this mans whole career

  • Buttbombs 2006 (Mar 18, 2019)

    Tiny Apple good fucking good man

  • Switch (Feb 13, 2019)

    These monsters must have went nuts when they first showed up and heard crickets every night 🤣

  • Luis Quinones (10 hours ago)

    LMAO true there's many factors how they did commit suicide with all the extra animal sound lol

  • Emilee A (6 days ago)

    Switch ooffff

  • official idiots (Feb 10, 2019)

    Hush: can't hearA quiet place: can't speakBird box: can't seeCANT FLUSH THE TOILET AFTER THEY'VE HAD A *SHET*

  • Zoey Inkling (1 day ago)

    Scared shitless:can’t smell

  • Edwin Batten (3 days ago)

    What's next Cant smell

  • christina1986ify (Feb 13, 2019)

    The dad sacrifice is noble and all but since he was basically the only competent person in the group there's a 100% chance his family dies soon after.

  • David McCarthy (8 hours ago)

    +Illusionaryeggs Most unrealistic thing about this movie is that a woman was able to give birth on her own with no epidural or medication to help the labor go smoothly and quickly in the course of a fire work show and then fend for herself and her children from giant monsters immediately after.

  • RF Minion Gone Wild (1 day ago)

    +xXJackirBlackBloddXx can you make a better one. Unless you can shut up

  • Jennifer Valentine (Feb 11, 2019)

    Also you CAN'T use wood fires. You are just one pine knot away from monster central.

  • scorchbeast.mp4 (Apr 22, 2019)

    Zeke S don't forget me my dude

  • Zeke S (Mar 30, 2019)

    Dude come on, me and you are the only ones who watched this movie and also know pine knots are in fires

  • Kaonus Maximus (Dec 4, 2018)

    What if they die because they burped loud or couldnt hold in a sneeze or farted

  • Luis Quinones (10 hours ago)

    LMAO 🤣 I'm gonna pee my self

  • Emilee A (6 days ago)

    Kaonus Maximus they don’t do those things.

  • Big Tasty (Jan 23, 2019)

    They should have been carrying like a satchel of rocks to throw in a different direction to distract the creature. Would have made the movie much better. Also was anyone else constantly worrying about who else was going to step on that nail? Or just me? Cuz that was my o e worry in the whole movie

  • Xiang Fei (2 days ago)


  • Emilee A (6 days ago)

    Big Tasty me too. Okay me fucking too.

  • GD FL3X (Feb 16, 2019)

    Boi just get Ariana grande to sing in to a mic. The high pitch noise would expose the weak spot

  • Emilee A (6 days ago)


  • ok, good young child

  • Laughing Riel (Feb 13, 2019)


  • The Batman (May 8, 2019)

    10:20You're wrong, you know why?*_Because Am Batman_*

  • Minnie B (Apr 27, 2019)


  • 4 Man Army (Apr 6, 2019)

    “Sometimes when you’re playing dark souls you realize it’s impossible and give up.” 😂