Tyla Yaweh - High Right Now



  • Post Malone 1 months ago

    this is my fav song off Heart Full Of Rage 🍻

  • Mel Evans an hour ago

    I love it so much

  • Timothy Self 4 days ago

    I feel ya , right there wit u man .

  • Candice Fitiñuraz 6 days ago

    12 Year old after hitting that Juul once: "IM SO HIGH RIGHT NOW"

  • Spoon Legend yesterday

    @Thomas Smith Yessir

  • Thomas Smith yesterday

    @Spoon Legend you the mvp

  • Jinx138752 ! yesterday

    If post malone and juice wrld had a threesome with sway lee, this will be their baby😂

  • Brian Stone 20 minutes ago

    Lol sounds about right

  • christian 8 days ago

    When did rappers go from being dealers to the fiends they served.

  • Roman Hellard 4 hours ago

    Praes Dynamite s b

  • the jokester 6 hours ago

    Everyone got depressed and tried to self medicate and well here we are

  • Timothy Self 4 days ago

    Im addicted . This track , with its smooth hypnotic beats that has me floating . Fantastic !

  • Brayden Smith 1 months ago

    Who found this song on their own 🤷‍♂️🙌

  • Shawn Ross 9 hours ago

    It’s cool ...

  • Obby Unsk 12 hours ago

    Paid advertising

  • Nuggie 2 days ago

    He looks like Juice Wrld mixed with Wiz Khalifa

  • Nuggie 42 minutes ago

    @GalaksySells found the one cunt who has to disagree haha

  • GalaksySells 17 hours ago

    Not at all

  • Alysson Oliver 24 days ago

    24 hours got me seeing blue dragonsMolly and the Henny got me speaking different language♪♪ YAHHHHHH

  • Steve Miller an hour ago

    When you get so high you end up in a mausoleum. 😏

  • Isaiah 8 days ago

    YouTube will make an artist trending who raps about drugs, but refuses to give a platform to anybody who comes against them lmao

  • Isaiah 2 days ago

    @JC Menac3 you're 100 percent accurate with that

  • JC Menac3 2 days ago

    Isaiah it’s all marketing they’re only going to push what’s going to sell it’s sad but just how it is every answer or reason is always love,sex,or mostly money