Delta IV NROL-47 Live Launch Broadcast (Jan. 12, 2018)

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  • Published on:  1/12/2018
  • Tune in live to watch the United Launch Alliance Delta IV rocket launch the NROL-47 mission for the National Reconnaissance Office.


  • Shea Lavington 1 years ago

    Good Stuff starts : @1:40:48

  • Lolosegovia_PY 1 years ago

    Shea Lavington love you friend

  • Peter Wade 1 years ago

    Thank you

  • The first 10 minutes, I am doing Morse code with the skip 10 seconds button lol

  • I would like one rocket well done pleaseUm, that's burned

  • Shea Lavington 1 years ago

    Good Stuff starts : @1:40:48

  • Rocket nerd 10 months ago


  • I thank you for this blessing

  • Lord Fluffykinz 1 years ago

    I'm a fan and supporter of any launch into space, great job ULA. Although yes, SpaceX did raise the bar with what they're doing now.

  • Brandon 1 years ago

    SpaceX is landing and reusing rockets. Their goal is to make every part of the rocket reusable thus making it cheaper to launch.

  • Haze Zion 1 years ago

    I'm sorry but what exactly are they doing??

  • Legend Of Fausto 1 years ago

    Where's the rocket landing tho?

  • Dubsy 102 10 months ago

    @Legend Of Fausto I can tell you really know what you are talking about when you mix up Tesla and SpaceX

  • Legend Of Fausto 1 years ago

    X-Fun that's the joke. Their going to lose every project to tesla soon once the clients get tired of wasting so much money on 1 time use rockets

  • Admiral Quality 1 years ago

    I tuned in just to watch the Delta set itself on fire. I was not disappointed.

  • Fact Core 1 years ago

    d.7 It’s supposed to happen

  • Mataarere Huria 1 years ago

    Admiral Quality

  • radio brain 1 years ago

    Between go for launch and release hold they need to put. "preflight self roasting"

  • Dakota Colley 1 years ago

    Next stop...North Korea!

  • Radi Bear 1 years ago

    no one cares about North Korea except South Korea

  • Jimmy Kaiser 1 years ago

    The best thing about the ULA live streams is the polling