The Oscars Jokes Kevin Hart Would Have Told

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  • Published on:  1/10/2019
  • 'The Upside' star Kevin Hart tries out the material he was preparing for the Oscars ceremony.

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  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 23 minutes ago

    Good on Kevin, man

  • Z Terke
    Z Terke 24 minutes ago

    "am ovet it"

  • Maddy D
    Maddy D 48 minutes ago

    Used to love Kevin until he showed how much of a garbage person he is. After cheating on his wife he basically said it's hard being famous and that's why he cheated. Then he says he apologized for jokes and tweets, which nobody can find. He could have actually apologized and become an ally but he hasn't. Now he's playing the victim of his own action/inaction.

  • Silver Swan Productions

    Stephen Colbert would be a dive of a host because his got no heat baby !

  • ThAt WaY
    ThAt WaY an hour ago

    If you don’t like Kevin Hart you’re GAY

  • karl jonson
    karl jonson 2 hours ago

    If Kevin was white he would've never come here again. I'm just being honest

  • Stephyfra 12
    Stephyfra 12 2 hours ago

    He let the haters win by not hosting.

  • Luke Sherman
    Luke Sherman 2 hours ago

    “That’s not Denzel Washington! That was some guy asking for change behind the wind Dixie”- Stephen Colbert

  • Luke Sherman
    Luke Sherman 2 hours ago

    Wow. Colbert’s a cop all of the sudden.

  • MrWadeBarrett
    MrWadeBarrett 2 hours ago

    5:10 for the title content

  • MrWadeBarrett
    MrWadeBarrett 2 hours ago

    "I dont want to talk about this"
    Interviewer keeps asking the same question
    cmon bruh

  • Cathleen Luce
    Cathleen Luce 2 hours ago

    I love ❤️ you Kevin!!!! Thank you for being the happiness in my home! My lil’ girl loved your movie & it brought true meaning of life! Your a true human & man! You don’t need to try to pleazzzze us🥰

  • Sanjeev CK
    Sanjeev CK 3 hours ago

    that's right! Stand your ground against snowflakes!

  • jesper jørgensen
    jesper jørgensen 3 hours ago

    "im true and honest" but hides the endless cheating on his pregnant wife? i love his stand-up and movies but stop saying bullshit if you were true, u would't try and hide that shit

  • Oscar Morei
    Oscar Morei 3 hours ago

    Drake should host

  • Sr. Chiqi Tibum
    Sr. Chiqi Tibum 3 hours ago

    Hadn’t seen him in a while. Colbert has really turned into an ass

  • Leonel Amiel
    Leonel Amiel 4 hours ago

    He look fresh

  • Vishal Yendrembam
    Vishal Yendrembam 4 hours ago

    Does anyone else think stephen was being a bit condescending to kevin?

  • Daniel Horton
    Daniel Horton 5 hours ago

    Stephen wanted yet another apology on his show. He wanted to hear, “I’m sorry.” Kevin gave him: “I’m..... over it.”

  • John Villanueva
    John Villanueva 6 hours ago

    Imagine kevin hart is white and always says "im white!".