Learn Chinese While You Sleep 😴 Daily Life In Chinese 💤 Chinese Conversation (8 Hours)



  • Massing August 12 days ago

    I learnt English, Hindi and Korean. My next target is Chinese, Mandarin particularly and I am doing my basics now.There, I just drop an unnecessary information. Pfft..

  • lily pink 6 months ago

    I speak English and Spanish now I want to learn Chinese

  • Sarom Reth a months ago

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  • Tok Insaiyavong 1 months ago

    Can I join, plz?This is my WeChat Id "Iris_blueskies"

  • Ogar Nogin 6 months ago

    8 hours perfect . I can play this while I sleep all day at work

  • Huy Tann 2 months ago


  • Ale Shi 4 months ago


  • Zitta Bonnitta 2 months ago

    Thank you to make this Video, but couldn't You Take a Person with a better voice for chinies ??? 😭🙆🙆😕

  • RAY I. MOLEÑO 3 months ago

    i am a Filipino need to learn mandarin for business

  • Asma Drissi 1 months ago

    I can speak English, french and Arabic. Well it's time for chinese 😍🇨🇳

  • I know all of this

  • Debora Ivanova 5 months ago


  • 徐浩 3 months ago

    可以加WeChat,你教我英语 我教你汉语吗,WeChatID wxid_pef6y3r1xsnk22

  • Ahmed zaki 3 months ago


  • Imane B 10 days ago

    why is she screaming tho, how will i ever fall asleep lol

  • Nathan Chen 6 months ago

    起床=get up醒=wake up