A Sushi Master Breaks Down the 10 Steps to Perfect Nigiri | Food Skills

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  • Published on:  8/13/2018
  • Daisuke Nakazawa is one of the most important figures in New York sushi. But before he was making a name for himself in the West Village, the chef was studying as an apprentice at Sukiyabashi Jiro, the three Michelin-starred restaurant helmed by sushi master Jiro Ono. Today, chef Nakazawa has moved out of the shadow cast by Ono—as well as the cult-favorite documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, which catapulted the pair to international fame—to create his own omakase experience in Manhattan. Combining his own creative ideas with the tradition of Edomae-style sushi in Japan, Nakazawa's New York-mae menu is an ode to the city's mounting influence on the beloved, centuries-old delicacy. Here, chef Nakazawa explains his unique approach to sourcing, butchering, and serving slivers of some of the world's finest fish. From the importance of using fresh wasabi and ginger, to his 10-step approach for crafting a flawless piece of nigiri, chef Nakazawa unlocks the keys behind his world-famous sushi like never before. Subscribe to First We Feast on YouTube: http://goo.gl/UxFzhKCheck out more of First We Feast here:http://firstwefeast.com/https://twitter.com/firstwefeasthttps://www.facebook.com/FirstWeFeasthttp://instagram.com/firstwefeastFirst We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.


  • giotuber99
    giotuber99 a years ago+147

    He grew in Saitama and he's bald. Coincidence? I don't think so!

  • WrecklessEating
    WrecklessEating a years ago+292

    I will find you and I will eat you.

  • Sean
    Sean a years ago+159

    RIP to my scrimp homie.

  • Pepsiman
    Pepsiman a years ago+174

    You gotta respect the guy born in the city of one punch man

  • Emmanuel Alejandro
    Emmanuel Alejandro a years ago+236

    Glad Nakazawa-san got more exposure since he left Sukiyabashi Jiro. Hard work really does pay off.

  • Shaggy At 10% Power
    Shaggy At 10% Power a years ago+81

    3:24 One Punch Man, is that you?!

  • Drip_purp
    Drip_purp a years ago+51

    Shrimp didn’t see it coming...

  • No Pulse Podcast
    No Pulse Podcast a years ago+125

    I’d wear a kimono and blush like an anime chick for these...

  • Tim Seeburger
    Tim Seeburger  a years ago+73

    Gotta love his smile and passion. Humble and yet so talented! Food looks amazing.

  • curranmiso
    curranmiso a years ago+48

    i remember watching jiro’s dreams of sushi and this guy was on it, good ass documentary i would recommend it.

  • Drayton M. Mayers
    Drayton M. Mayers a years ago+28

    Seeing him in "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" to now is remarkable. Took what he learned from the master and now is carving his own path.

  • Irre
    Irre a years ago+32

    Wait One Punch Man is a sushi Master now? 😂

  • Ashley A
    Ashley A a years ago+35

    he's such a sweet and talented man!

  • Foodstuffs
    Foodstuffs a years ago+5

    I was there about two-ish months ago! By far the most expensive sushi I've ever eaten and completely worth it. A bit odd, though, just how many people wait on you, watching you closely right behind you. They push your chair in and out for you to sit and stand and there was a guy who seemed to do nothing but fill drinks. The chef(s) put the life botan right in front of us on the counter and it was somewhat disturbing to watch them move and jump, but they were also very funny. It was the best sushi I've had in my life, but being watched so closely and the formality of it all make it an almost oppressive environment because there was an almost constant feeling of being silently judged by the (admittedly prompt and courteous) staff at all times. Even the tea was incredible, I don't know how many times I said "Oh wow" or "Holy shit" every time I ate something there.

  • Phil G
    Phil G a years ago+20

    Had the opportunity to be served by him a few years ago. While the price might be daunting to some, it’s definitely an experience if you absolutely love and respect sushi as a cuisine, culture, and art. The returns are well worth it.
    I’m hoping to go again soon. The only con about eating here is that it literally killed all “every day” sushi establishments for me. From shitty all you can eat sushi places, to your favorite local “mid level” places like sugar fish, I’m a complete snob. The difference really is night and day. I guess the only way to having a fulfilling sushi meal once again is coughing up the dough for omakase from either him or another chef in his playing field! Much respect.

  • Nick Singh
    Nick Singh a years ago+16

    Even though Jiro seemed to be extremely harsh towards him in the documentary 'Jiro dreams of sushi', Nakazawa seems to have so much admiration for him.

  • Zargabubblebath
    Zargabubblebath 11 months ago+4

    Who's the cute woman?

  • Victor Uribe
    Victor Uribe 6 months ago+1

    Has PETA file charges already for decapitating a live shrimp? 😂😂😂

  • Angryeddie14
    Angryeddie14 a years ago+20

    Damn, food really is an art.

  • Bigp1077
    Bigp1077 a years ago+1

    Wait so Saitama stopped being a hero and became a sushi master?!
    Damn I'm behind in One Punch Man Manga