Is this Rock a Diamond?

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  • Published on:  1/12/2018
  • I bought a cheap diamond off ebay and I test to see if it really is one.
    water jet cutting diamond:

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  • Shadowmask8
    Shadowmask8 6 days ago

    Could someone quickly explain how the water volume test works? How does putting something into a glass of water on a scale allow to measure the weight of water displaced if its still in the glass and on the scale?

  • Shah Zaman
    Shah Zaman 8 days ago

    I sale a blue diamond

  • seededsoul
    seededsoul 9 days ago

    Why didn’t you check if the sapphire would scratch the diamond?

  • Scarface Reivax
    Scarface Reivax 13 days ago

    Carbonized crystal poop for sale on ebay

  • Rohit Pagaria
    Rohit Pagaria 14 days ago

    I just had a kidney stone removed ... Let's do a test on that

  • shaan marak
    shaan marak 14 days ago

    Hi i need your help . n have many pice black stone , i do no what is this..

  • BlinGames
    BlinGames 19 days ago+1

    I got a diamon for ten dollars. The person thought it was quartz.

  • Memory of the Stars
    Memory of the Stars 21 days ago

    I'm as hard as diamond.

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez 25 days ago

    That Ruby looks like a Jolly Rancher yum

  • Sipun Moharana
    Sipun Moharana 25 days ago


  • Carlos Espinoza
    Carlos Espinoza 26 days ago

    God damn look at that fishscale

  • 乡下收古董珠宝的老杨

    Comparing with my meteorite I am selling on Youtube a diamond is nothing!

  • Just Do it
    Just Do it 28 days ago+1

    Mountain rock..hmm

  • jesu conquer
    jesu conquer 1 months ago

    hello Cody!
    I have been interested in an experiment involved in making synthetic diamond. The experiment is kind of famous but i have never seen anyone do it.
    things that are used is a real diamond (very little amount) called a carbon seed.
    Other stuff are also used such a grafite and so on..
    U put it in a microwave though and let it form a bigger diamond from the other elements included.
    i would love if you do read about it and try to do it.
    I am a new fan/subscriber. :)

  • George Alderson
    George Alderson 1 months ago

    I have a gallstone. Does anyone want to buy them to see if it is a diamond? Best offer gets it!

  • Louis Edgar
    Louis Edgar 1 months ago

    Where did you get the diamond on eBay ?

  • Ron Ando
    Ron Ando 1 months ago+1

    I have plenty of can I sell it to eBay...???I have plenty of that kind of diamonds.....

  • Amado Harbov
    Amado Harbov 1 months ago

    not diamond

  • Cmj रंगीलो राजस्थान

    You make a video how to mek home mek pmc silver clay .plz cody

  • nora Hafid
    nora Hafid 1 months ago

    I have the same rock omg