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  • Published on:  8/4/2018
  • youtube game just got flipped upside down in 24 hours beachesNEPTUNE KICKSTARTER ► (my merch) - Round 4 drops August 10 ►*MY GEAR!*My camera ► lens ► mic ► drone ► mic ► computer ► tripod ►*FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! *MY INSTAGRAM (@trahan) ► TWITTER (@rytrahan) ► SNAPCHAT ► rytrahan


  • Drew Gooden
    Drew Gooden a years ago+4368

    Hey Ryan, couldn’t help but noticed you moved to Florida. I’m not sure if you knew this, but living in Florida is actually my thing, so if you could not come after my brand like that, that would be fantastic. Thanks and welcome to Florida!

  • Leon Lush
    Leon Lush a years ago+820

    Hey Ryan,
    Just stopping by to remind you that your edits make my loins moist.

  • Kenz Canuel
    Kenz Canuel a years ago+256

    You’re honestly so cool how you didn’t move to LA like the rest of the you tubers usually do

  • Charly B
    Charly B a years ago+300

    RYAN, Emma Chamberlain bought one of your Neptune bottles and basically promoted it on her story and I'm LIVING for it

  • Jesse Banales
    Jesse Banales a years ago+279

    I don’t skip his ads cause I want him to make bank

  • Christopher Valle
    Christopher Valle a years ago+879

    Kinda glad you didn’t move to LA cause it would’ve made you basic af

  • Cyclo DF
    Cyclo DF a years ago+253

    I died when the dude said O C T O B E R S E V E N T H so slowly Lmaoooo

  • MrWhymedude
    MrWhymedude a years ago+73

    he's head is shaped exactly like Casey Neistat

  • Nicole Marie
    Nicole Marie a years ago+470

    I never even knew Texas had beaches before you mentioned it

  • Maitlin Hart
    Maitlin Hart a years ago+145

    Hey Ryan! I live in Tampa Florida and decided to make a list of things you should know
    1. The humidity here is awful!!!
    2. Apparently we have a lot of lizards and frogs compared to other states
    3. We don’t have snow days, we have hurricane days
    4. Tampa has the most strip clubs in the US, so have fun with that

  • Bradlee Wannemacher
    Bradlee Wannemacher a years ago+184

    You're making great content man keep it up!

  • Dominic
    Dominic a years ago+133

    S E X Y B E A C H E S

  • red vines
    red vines a years ago+136

    I thought the thumbnail was Emma Chamberlain's clothing line

  • Isabella Fox
    Isabella Fox a years ago+40

    Missing in action
    My I’m awesome
    Many irresistible avocados
    Muffin Is amazing
    Mega intense anger
    Musically is aimless
    More irritating adverts
    Man I’m AVOCADO
    Must ignore AVOCADO
    Might inhale ÃVÖČÃDÓ

  • Ava
    Ava a years ago+475

    s l i g h t l y l e s s d r a m a t i c m u s i c

  • Harrison Hub
    Harrison Hub a years ago+18

    Whataburger is such an amazing franchise! I live in Illinois but I wrote an appreciation letter for class bc I love them, and they sent back a HANDWRITTEN NOTE, a drink cozy, a hat, 4 coupons for free stuff, and uv protected sunglasses. I love them now. I always go also when I’m on a road trip...well, when I go w my family.

  • UnReaL
    UnReaL a years ago+32

    You moved to Florida, half-way across the country... FOR BEACHES????

  • ObeyMyHumor
    ObeyMyHumor a years ago+16

    Hey I live in Tampa Wassup? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • *Abigail*
    *Abigail* a years ago+11

    I live in in the tampa bay area, if you want a good beach go to Clearwater beach it's bomb
    Edit: welcome to the amazing Florida!!

  • Finley Linehan
    Finley Linehan a years ago+10

    Looks like you still live that “CROSS COUNTRY” life.🔥