David Dobrik Tries 9 Things He's Never Done Before | Allure



  • David Dobrik (23 hours ago)

    Thank you for letting me play with the babies. I still can’t believe I got to keep one!!

  • lilyrose Marren (14 minutes ago)

    Does liza know

  • 8 Million (14 minutes ago)

    David Dobrik 💕💕💕

  • Joshua Um (9 hours ago)

    How hasn't he held a baby til he's like fkn 20

  • Gatcha Kingdom (13 minutes ago)

    I first held a baby when I was 6

  • Fred Weasley (24 minutes ago)

    Woahh first time I held a baby I was 12

  • Haley's Corner (7 hours ago)

    *Vampire David? I Stan.*

  • kai russell (1 minute ago)

    Begone Thot! He's Liza's!Totally joking but those crazy people are out there. Someone could comment that and be dead serious...

  • Dr Taing Tek Hong (8 hours ago)

    Where the hell did they get all of these babies from...

  • Sinwolf 2323 (19 minutes ago)

    Sofi alexander-pua MY PPOR VIRGIN EYES

  • Eylea (27 minutes ago)

    The fact that he's a doctor makes this comment 10 times better

  • Yacku (6 hours ago)

    Imagine Lana Del Rey in David's next vlog

  • Yazmin Stubbs (38 minutes ago)

    I'd sub

  • Tasneem Hamid (8 hours ago)

    *David Dobrik being cute for 4 minutes and 48 seconds straight*

  • Marco Sharko (55 minutes ago)


  • Jasiel Rosas Almeida (1 hour ago)

    *Someone give my big brother a chance on Crip.*https://www.haimoinhat.net/video/EdIcEReU9gU/video.html

  • Scouterfly (6 hours ago)

    imagine growing up and finding out David Dobrik swaddled you as a baby lmao

  • Very Dankツ (55 minutes ago)

    By the time he’s grown up David will probably be washed up. It would be like finding out bill cosby held you as a baby

  • Bae Tea (1 hour ago)

    Scouterfly this would literally have zero affect on me in adulthood lol

  • Katie Swanson (6 hours ago)

    He’s so effortlessly genuine and funny on camera... it’s so sweet and captivating!

  • JayDonSki (1 hour ago)

    *can YOU help my channel get to 1000 subscribers?*

  • Dylan Phillips (2 hours ago)

    Kind of like how captivating it is to subscribe to Pewdiepie

  • Cyber 10 (2 hours ago)

    4:25 “Oh I get it. It’s like the baby”*Puts his knees on the blanket*

  • Abigail Broussard (7 hours ago)

    DAVID LITERALLY did not change when he got famous hes so amazing

  • Harleigh Stringer (1 hour ago)

    well, according to his video with james charles, he doesnt make a lot 😂😂

  • Dylan Phillips (2 hours ago)

    LITERALLY you should subscribe to Pewdiepie hes so amazing