Meet the Parents Cold Open - SNL



  • Anna Castle
    Anna Castle 3 days ago

    YES ALL THE REFERENCES !!! love this !!! 😂😂

  • Shahbaz Khan
    Shahbaz Khan 7 days ago


  • Mark L
    Mark L 9 days ago

    Deniro went from being one of my all time favorite actors to someone I can not stomach. He's such a punk.

  • johnny mays
    johnny mays 11 days ago

    Bob, your a punk.

  • Karl Hurtig
    Karl Hurtig 11 days ago

    De Niro can't keep up, he does the sketch kindo... The other sketch when he didn't need speak was better. Everyone has to retire sooner or later.

  • Tony Tang
    Tony Tang 14 days ago

    It’s a wired cameo of Meet the Parents!

  • Sharon Abraham
    Sharon Abraham 14 days ago

    Trump administration has provided SNL the best material for the next few years🤣

  • Davide Marafioti
    Davide Marafioti 15 days ago

    de niro is getting so fat, he looks more like john goodman everyday

  • Jayant Srivastava
    Jayant Srivastava 17 days ago+1

    “Live from sat”

  • Joey Sanders
    Joey Sanders 19 days ago

    this is meet the fockers all over again!

  • Ren Bender
    Ren Bender 21 days ago

    Lol. SNL still butt hurt over Trump being the punk that beat them all.

  • Vela van laack
    Vela van laack 23 days ago

    People should start making movies about this already

  • Elaisa Grace
    Elaisa Grace 26 days ago

    ok, i'm goin' wihd this ... Mimi ... meet Di Niro. and YOU play waaaaaaaay too good a Bitch to waste on BEing a man. Plus, the Women have taken over ... Haven't You Noticed ?
    WE'RE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~EEERE . Don't anyone dare doubt it ... 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 🙏🏽 I LOVE YOU ALL ! equally! just like God does ... WE just ALL had to Kome here and help Him out cuz He doesn't Speak English. The Kings and Queens are anouncing ThemSelves, guyz ... just look around; there is much inKredible (yet Kredible) Kontent! xxxo,

  • TheWiseWizard
    TheWiseWizard 27 days ago


  • Benny Kwok
    Benny Kwok 27 days ago

    I almost for one second thought that was John Goodman at first

  • WarriorsRevenge Warriorsrevenge

    This is honestly the best political skit in SNL history

  • cogen651
    cogen651 1 months ago

    Go Trump!

  • Lance Lee
    Lance Lee 1 months ago

    LMFAO!!!... ALL STAR CAST MAN!......

  • Tony Alvarez
    Tony Alvarez 1 months ago


  • dfj bts
    dfj bts 1 months ago

    5:16 you tried to milk him didn't you son of a bitch