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  • Published on:  10/30/2018
  • Learn at OMEIDA CHINESE ACADEMY➝ https://goo.gl/HhzpAuUSE my discount code 'Theurbaneve' to get 200 RMB off! Hey everyone! I'm coming to you from Yangshuo, China. I'll be here for a month to study Chinese at OMEIDA Chinese Academy. Follow me along to see how I'm doing so far.Youtube Channels in Chinese: Jared: https://goo.gl/FmBQTAXinshidandan: https://goo.gl/kTYnT9Books I used to for self-study: French Grammaire progressive du français ➝ https://goo.gl/m0am9QGrammaire Progressive Du Français: Avec 600 Exercices (French Edition) ➝ https://goo.gl/ibNdJOBrazilian PortugueseGramatica Ativa - Versão Brasileira: Book 1 (Brazilian Version) + CD (3) (Portuguese Edition) ➝ https://goo.gl/jXOqlqNovo Avenida Brasil 1 (Portuguese Edition) ➝ https://goo.gl/YlpccLNovo Avenida Brasil 2 (Portuguese Edition) ➝ https://goo.gl/5jPJRENovo Avenida Brasil 3 ➝ https://goo.gl/AFj6W2Mandarin ChineseCommunicating in Chinese:Reading and Writing ➝ https://goo.gl/N3BflZCommunicating in Chinese: Listening and Speaking: Student's Book for Listening and Speaking ➝ https://goo.gl/EnCA4J----------HANG WITH MEhttp://theurbaneve.comhttp://instagram.com/msurbanevehttps://www.facebook.com/theurbanevehttps://www.snapchat.com/add/msurbaneve...My Fashion and Travelblog: www.theurbaneve.com----------


  • SublimeDeesses 7 months ago

    Omg I wish to learn English very well😭😭

  • Yes speak . Close mouth don’t get feed.

  • Pharaoh EnZo 2 months ago

    I personally use the pinyin to help with pronouncing the hanzi but when I read Chinese in my head without having to say it out loud I prefer the hanzi

  • Carolyn Grace Marie 7 months ago

    Amazing you’re studying in China! I’m learning Mandarin right now! :)

  • Greydy Grape 1 months ago

    Chinese is mandarin

  • Carolyn Grace Marie im so shook i understood the mandarin sentence you wrote lmao

  • Gia Quartimon 7 months ago

    I just looove your personality. You are so inspiring and down to earth ☺️

  • Rose Like 5 months ago

    Excellent tips! It's interesting to know how people learn Chinese as a native Chinese speaker myself. Wish you enjoy your language learning! 👍

  • F T 7 months ago

    Chinese is my favorite language even though the chaeaters seem to be overwhelming.I'm gonna focus on the written chinese later on 😂

  • Rida Ali 7 months ago

    Can you do one for Arabic please?

  • TheUrbanEve 7 months ago

    I just had a week of intensive Arabic but didn’t continue so I can’t say much about it

  • vishnu sharma 7 months ago

    So beautiful you are 🤩😘😍

  • asianeyedbeauty 7 months ago

    What was that app that you were using to write out the characters at 1:23?

  • Takira Sharde 4 months ago

    asianeyedbeauty this looks like Chinese Writing Practice. If you search these three terms, you’ll find even more options too