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  • Published on:  7/6/2018
  • These Japanese chefs know, how to handle a knife!Being restaurants customers we might not know how functional a knife can become in the hands of a professional!While we don't know the differences between mincing, dicing, and chopping these chefs make a magic on their kitchens!Chefs have to develop a variety of skills, ranging from hard skills related to cooking to managing skills related to their cooking team.Watch an amazing compilation of unreal cutting skills of these chefs and you will definitely be impressed!The kitchen is a fast-paced environment, and a chef has to not only make numerous decisions at once but also work with a knife fast.Knife skills are the building blocks for any cook! Not only knives matter, but technique is important too!Via: to Now I've Seen Everything : Social Media:Facebook: articles:


  • Why do they use Chinese music for Japanese cooking...?

  • GÉNMÁN Plasma Healing Hyper Energy Healer Let me guess...They are all the same people.

  • mydadisapotato 13 days ago

    GÉNMÁN Plasma Healing Hyper Energy Healer racist asses

  • Nofer Trunions yesterday

    I was just thinking, _"The Evolution of the Samurai Sword."_

  • Prod. By Nikblor 8 months ago

    Yeah also a knife that slices through a car like butter helps also...

  • Jon Calvert yesterday

    That's only because they take care of their knives. I could hand you their knife and you couldn't replicated it.

  • daAnder71 2 months ago

    ... like through* butter. "Cuts like butter" is nonsense because butter can't cut.

  • D 9 months ago

    when there is no wars, samurai turn to chefs xD

  • Jenny Rejaba 1 months ago

    well it is said that Masamune Date cooks when not in samurai duty.. XDD

  • only movie 4 months ago

    Hhhhhhhhaaaaaa u are so funny

  • 7:14 perfect timing when he slaps the fish goes with the song

  • Robert Canham 8 months ago

    no fingers were lost in this video

  • TheIsojukka 5 months ago

    Are you sure? Because Japenese people are very known to kill them them self if they fail.

  • David Masterson 6 months ago


  • tadd 4 months ago

    The guy cutting sashimi with a glove on the left hand is Sandaime Watanabe Takayoshi,a real Japanese,You can check his work on the net.

  • VIKINGRAIDER 1 months ago

    What type of sashimi machete is he USING!?! That thing is awesome!!!

  • GothBoi Prince 3 days ago

    I can literally watch this All day ... 5:47 peep dudes knuckle , That should say it all . Practice makes perfect.

  • Milica Vujović 2 days ago

    I still tryna' learn it but I....

  • Strix 8 months ago

    It's unreal only for someone who doesn't work by hands.Some weeks of work and you are going to be same unreal.

  • Necrophilia 26 days ago

    Man i also want a kitchen wakizashi! XD And man thats rly impressive 3:44