Lying Chef Can't Take Criticism And WALKS OUT | Kitchen Nightmares



  • The Creepy Artist. 7 months ago

    *Women*: "Hasn't been in the microwave?"*Chef*: Nope.*Camera Man*: Hold my beer.

  • Owne Barlow 18 days ago

    The Creepy Artist. When she tells him you can hear the microwave beeping

  • Shreeram Chaudhary 1 months ago

    More like 'Hold my camera' XD

  • Claudia Duran 6 months ago

    The video editor is throwing mad shade."I didn't microwave it."**Shows footage of him microwaving food**"He's backed up?"**Shows footage of empty restaurant**

  • Goddess Hatmehit 1 months ago

    Girllllll I just made that comment that was straight shade! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Stephen Miller 2 months ago

    Honestly if a place lied to me like that I would want to hurt them. But usually every restaurant microwaves something. So I just cook my own shit

  • candiigurl7893 1 years ago

    "What do you want me to say?"*NINOOOOO!*I KNEW it was coming! The editor never disappoints. 😂

  • Tankado 3 months ago

    It's the best thing about these videos

  • rakhi mondal 4 months ago

    Holy shit

  • Kittypop123 1 years ago

    My question is why lie on tv?

  • 93AlexGreg 28 days ago

    @Austin Hance how can you be so certain?

  • Austin Hance 28 days ago

    graddeos there is no script tho

  • Midnight Cravings 1 years ago

    Can't take criticism = No room for improvement

  • No i think she means the sad truth. people think criticism is an assertion of superiority

  • TheDumbOne IsShy 4 months ago

    It's construction criticism to not bring you down but to help you be better and know what your doing is wrong

  • Kitty Litter 1 years ago

    I love how every single owner hates him but the waiters hate the owners

  • Zack Colbourne 1 months ago

    @Sheev Palpatine You are the rudest dishwasher I've ever encountered.

  • Corundum-voidless M 1 months ago

    Sheev Palpatine What just happened.

  • Zackary Shelton 7 months ago

    Waiter: “your vinaigrette is too vinegary, ok?”‘Chef’: “?????, *WHATS WRONG WITH IT?* “

  • OzzyGamingYT 23 days ago

    400th liek

  • Strawberry 3 months ago

    Zackary Shelton my dilly fell offf........again 😑

  • ImATimeTraveler 9 months ago

    You lose the right to call yourself Chef when you use a microwave oven at work.

  • Firstly I love your handle. And second u can your called a PING CHEF LOL LOL LOL

  • @Scott W Pilgrim I take you've never had a shift serving 54 costumers alone

  • Suyash J 11 months ago

    Every Kitchen Nightmares Video everGordon : Ghastly.Waiter / Server : I agree, I told them already but no one listens to me.Chef : *tries the food* I don't understand what's wrong with it.

  • Collectors Haven 4 months ago


  • Supan Sekhon 1 years ago

    Gordon: those ice cubes frozenWaiter: um yesGordon: BLOODY HELL!!!

  • Colton Ventry 2 months ago

    It tastes like you just pulled it out of the freezer

  • Deepanjan Thakur 4 months ago

    Here's a glass of water.Gordon : It's dry...