15 Mile Run - Eugene Marathon Training: Week 6

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  • Published on:  3/26/2018
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  • Ryan Trahan
    Ryan Trahan  a years ago+21

    Follow me on IG: @trahan
    Support me: Link to shop for Neptunes + podcast in description!

  • Jonathan DeSouza
    Jonathan DeSouza a years ago+89

    Nut Salt

  • Donn
    Donn  a years ago+68

    Ryan if you were a stock i would invest in you

  • Logan Seriani
    Logan Seriani a years ago+37

    On my cross-country team we call long runs LSD. Long Slow Distance 😂

  • dean silke
    dean silke a years ago+42

    the ending was amazing. hahaha

  • Natalie Derra
    Natalie Derra a years ago+45

    Ryan I’m disappointed. I thought I liked you. You had good content, a good sense of humor, and you f r e a k i n g run, but the other day when I glanced down at my phone and saw that you didn’t like the raisins in your trail mix my heart dropped. You went from being my favorite YouTuber to my least in a matter of seconds. Honestly, now that I know who you truly are, I think I would rather watch Vegan Fit over you. I keep trying to forget and pretend that you never said those cruel insults towards raisins and salt, but I don’t think our relationship could ever be the same. It’s 12:00 at night I have the PSAT and speed work tomorrow but thanks to you I don’t think I will be able to sleep. Good day!

  • josh
    josh a years ago+2

    Track Workout ✅
    Chocolate Milk ✅
    Ryan Trahan Video ✅
    Life's good 😎

  • Joshua Hines
    Joshua Hines a years ago+32

    I died at 5:16

  • ARG
    ARG a years ago+39

    No dislikes Ryan your videos are so awesome I see the effort you’re putting in you should be at 100k in no time

  • Mike Skaggs
    Mike Skaggs a years ago+7

    Ryan my money is on you for a great showing in the marathon! By the what's wrong with you on that raisin rant! Lol. I'm proud to report I watched until the end. Ha. Great job Ryan

  • Preston Mayyyo
    Preston Mayyyo a years ago+2

    Loved it! "Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go".

  • Denae Chapman
    Denae Chapman a years ago+45

    dude 15 miles is a GRIND u killed it

  • Maria
    Maria a years ago+2

    Your videos along with Bret, Ryan, and Theo's are so good!!!

  • Quinn Rafferty
    Quinn Rafferty a years ago+6

    Who doesn’t like the nut salt tho

  • Kjell
    Kjell a years ago+1

    ''Hows your day going?'' Well, I woke up half an hour ago so...

  • Ridge Cook
    Ridge Cook a years ago+1

    Solid dude, I'm about to cry rn, very relatable 🥇👍😭

  • Kaysen Klingler
    Kaysen Klingler a years ago+5

    Neptune water bottle and raisin-free trail mix company!

  • JC3
    JC3 a years ago+5

    Hey Ryan, great video! Keep up the good work! Could you possibly give me an idea of how you prepared yourself for track/xc in the off-season? Thanks!

  • Connor Graves
    Connor Graves a years ago+4

    The cringe at 5:17 is way to much

  • Clos MasMas
    Clos MasMas a years ago+2

    Love that ending