Jewelry Expert Critiques Rappers' Grillz | Fine Points | GQ



  • Keny Mendoza
    Keny Mendoza 1 months ago+2325

    He look like the typa guy to convince you to buy a 5 million yacht

  • jezebel324
    jezebel324 1 months ago+1579

    “Oops, I lost my diamond.”
    Jesus, what am I watching

  • Olive Cuadrado
    Olive Cuadrado 1 months ago+4658

    I have braces and my grills are pretty expensive too

  • Hardyfly
    Hardyfly 1 months ago+1632

    My main goal is to blow up and act like I don't know nobody

  • Marco DaVincí
    Marco DaVincí 2 months ago+14066

    Whoever reading this is going to be rich this year

  • Luci
    Luci 21 days ago+641

    You know it’s 3am when you’re watching these type of videos

  • Nevolet
    Nevolet 1 months ago+1932

    him: everybody wants grills like theese.
    me: this is the most unrelatable video ive seen in a long time.

    BIG CHUNGUS 1 months ago+473

    Imagine accidentally biting your gum or tongue with trippie reds grills

  • Guillermo Echeverria
    Guillermo Echeverria 1 months ago+393

    Me at 23 rocking my aluminium foil grillz 🤘😬🤘

  • Mackery Delić
    Mackery Delić 21 days ago+123

    This guy looks like he used to be a henchmen who worked for a brutal, eastern European gang.

  • Always Aw3s0m3
    Always Aw3s0m3 1 months ago+189

    "everybody wants them"
    Uhhh, I had braces, never again.

  • Robin Sterk
    Robin Sterk 1 months ago+407

    I have to say Rocky's grillz are my favorite they're Clean and just classic

  • skylerelax
    skylerelax 1 months ago+207

    I got my teeth molded yesterday 😎
    Because I have braces...

  • nick costa
    nick costa 1 months ago+162

    asap rocky's look the best IMO, clean and simple

  • Fastlane racing co.
    Fastlane racing co. 1 months ago+306

    Young M.A. got the best grill it's so icy

  • Eden Mashraki
    Eden Mashraki 21 days ago+52

    Brother: Let's buy a new house for Mom
    Rapper: Nah, lets get our teeth glued with diamonds

    DEEZ NUTS 1 months ago+54

    Me : U sure those are letters looking like numbers to me

  • Բιяєflу
    Բιяєflу 2 months ago+2351

    This guy is a true professional, i love the way he explains the process, and everything.

  • Егор Сидоров
    Егор Сидоров 1 months ago+85

    Why am I watching this, it's 3 AM and I've never worn any jewelry

  • Indieice
    Indieice 1 months ago+71

    My mango is to blow up and act like I don’t know nobody.