TABS | Tiny Army vs Every Unit! (same cost)

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  • Published on:  4/17/2019
  • This video idea has been suggested by: NPC #9361Original comment:7 pikes behind 7 Shields, straight wall formation vs each unit, and add more of that unit to make total spending equal. If not enough pikes or shields feel free to add more.


  • IM A DERP 2 months ago

    My squad VS Every unit* 100 -Hoplites- Halfling and 1 snake archer*You dont need to count them

  • Pumpkin Patch 2 months ago

    14:00 *DAMN BOI HE THICC*

  • Peterkaboomi Train 1 months ago

    He chønk

  • Big Boi RV 2 months ago


  • YGK 6934 2 months ago

    You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to see how a row of shields and spears fare against another type of army in TABS. I’m not able to play this version of the game, so thank you so much for this.

  • JinghanFrank Huang 2 months ago

    YGK 6934 same

  • Jake The Inkling 2 months ago

    14:00 *HE REALLY THICC*

  • IM A DERP 2 months ago

    *When it was the bard turn*Bard #1:RUUUUUN!!!BARD #11:SIR THERE CATCHING UP ON US!!!-Bard #2:SHIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!-

  • Vegan water 1 months ago

    shut up, ur so cringy

  • My army vs everything A 30 row musket and 5 Gatling gun and 1 samurai

  • Feerza Reptilio 2 months ago

    Try My Squad vs Every unit*5 Hoplites, 5 Squires, 3 Archers, 3 Spearthrowers and 1 Ballista*Add 1 each for the same cost of the blue opponent

  • Feerza Reptilio 2 months ago

    @A random dude I don't want it to be too OPAnd i chose Ballistas because they are great for taking down The Strong bois Like The king, Jarl, catapult, etc

  • A random dude 2 months ago

    Use valkyries, berserkers or catapult

  • Savage_Sandvich 2 months ago

    Fyi for some reason spread out sarissas with NO shields does better than a phalanxEdit: They keep killing each otherEdit:sarissas are OP their only weakness is range

  • Maxstudios Gaming 2 months ago

    The halflings partWas wrecked sooooooi many friendly fire XDXDXD lololol

  • Try 10 squire (at middle of army)2 harvester (at left and right jarl)1 jarl (at the front of all)1 scare crow (behind squire)5 archer (far away)10 shield baraer (front of squire) vs every unit same cost