Fortnite - High Stakes Returns

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  • Published on:  3/14/2019
  • Suit up... High Stakes has returned to Fortnite! Play the Getaway LTM, complete new challenges and unlock new rewards including the Jewel Llama Backblings. Plus, the Wild Card Outfit is back in the shop with the new Wild Card Wrap Bundle.


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  • CoiNZ (4 days ago)

    It’s funny how half the stuff in the video is vaulted

  • Patrick Amico (2 hours ago)

    CoiNZ Grapplers, Shockwaved, and remote explosives are in this mode tho :P it’s like a mini unvaulted

  • BCLT470 (13 hours ago)

    NoT anymore

  • Mr. Tattoo ASMR (3 days ago)

    You are a huge company you shouldn't be lazy with the trailers.

  • N33YON (1 day ago)


  • Yami Yugi (1 day ago)

    +Alejandro German Tersse Also they decided to fix a "bug" and that "bug" was ahem I quote fix a bug where lynx jitters when using the wave emote.

  • Sheck East (3 days ago)

    Payday 2 called. They said they want their game back😂

  • BCLT470 (13 hours ago)

    Dafaq is payday

  • TuT Chill Gamer (22 hours ago)


  • Jacob Martinez (3 days ago)

    Most of the stuff in this video had been vaulted

  • GridUp Goofer (43 minutes ago)

    SharkDude FETTplayz cuz it vaulted•—•

  • Ten Minute Video Empire (20 hours ago)

    Jacob Martinez I see you in 20fadhils videos lol

  • ღ ItsNikki ღ (3 days ago)

    I love how they bring it back and dont even make a new trailer about it

  • wafflegacha 124 (11 hours ago)

    Yes! Another gacha tuber that plays fortnite!

  • Toby (19 hours ago)

    Tell that to epic games

  • Ryan Rutten (4 days ago)

    Like if the infantry rifle should be removed

  • Бадр (7 minutes ago)

    +Plasma Pea nevermind......

  • Plasma Pea (14 minutes ago)

    +Бадр im sorry what? I dont get it

  • name (3 days ago)

    did anybody came here because you thought there was a new trailer

  • Mr. Royale (1 day ago)


  • Yeah,But we got the same trailer, just shorter.

  • rhubert Oh (3 days ago)

    Reusing trailers like I reuse comments to try and get people to go to my channel 😂😂Can I get a job, Epic?

  • Magdy Sha'ban (3 days ago)


  • Google Sucks (3 days ago)


  • Zain Ali (2 days ago)

    Fortnite can you please put these stuff in creative mode just creativeInfinity bladeThanos gauntletGuided misslesZapatronPlease Fortnite just in creative

  • Jovi503 (1 hour ago)

    I just want a clothing store prefab

  • leonzolotenkov (2 hours ago)


  • Hey epic can you please fix Fortnite Mobile?

  • And I just checked my stats to see what they were after a solo win only to see everything is set to 0. Thank you Epic Games!

  • homie blue toad (1 day ago)

    +10,000 subs with no videos Yeet oh