CHP tries to intimidate us instead does the Walk of Shame TCCW-SVW-CVW 1st Amendment

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  • Published on:  1/9/2019


  • Karl Endriksohn
    Karl Endriksohn 7 months ago+74

    Love your channel, you're doing everybody a public service whether or not they appreciate it! That officer should go to temper management classes!

  • OTC
    OTC 7 months ago+67

    You should follow this Cop even more now and record him daily if you can.

  • Goalie 22
    Goalie 22 7 months ago+57

    More people killed by cops than jay walking

  • Power of Paper
    Power of Paper 7 months ago+41

    I keep saying it. Mental illness is rampant among public officials in California.

    EDDIE HARPER 7 months ago+17

    They are ALWAYS fishing. Never take the bait.
    Love your stuff.

    FREEDOMFIENDNEWS 7 months ago+30

    Got a gun an a vest an still scared of regular folks?

  • Jan Nowak
    Jan Nowak 7 months ago+21

    5:34 assault.... complaint, criminal charges, lawsuit :)

  • Joe Dick
    Joe Dick 7 months ago+18

    Why do I see dozens of officers jaywalking in and out in front of police stations?

  • Robert Lathe
    Robert Lathe 7 months ago+36

    Poor cop, he needs a tube of Butt Hurt Cream. LOL.

  • Huckelberry Auditor
    Huckelberry Auditor 7 months ago+86

    Looks like he is pissing in public at the car. Keeps grabbing his junk and doing those motions that a man does to piss.

  • edkerry87
    edkerry87 7 months ago+30

    jaywalking is a self-correcting problem that does not require the state to intervene

  • the1kamíkaze
    the1kamíkaze 7 months ago+12

    There's 2 audit channels I watch. Yours and HDCW. Continue exposing these tyrant pigs.

  • John D 1971
    John D 1971 7 months ago+26

    Another TYRANT that need's Re Training...

  • Tony Sweet
    Tony Sweet 7 months ago+68

    Wow!!! That guy is DANGEROUS!!! I can only imagine how many people's lives he's ruined with false arrests! That guy is unstable and shouldn't even be allowed in public under any circumstances!

  • SittingInDetroit
    SittingInDetroit 7 months ago+40

    Another cop who woke up scared for his life...

  • Thomas Tamayose
    Thomas Tamayose 7 months ago+13

    Good job peace from New Orleans

  • angrychappaz
    angrychappaz 7 months ago+12

    This is why they are hated my many

  • Aaron Turner Fishing
    Aaron Turner Fishing 7 months ago+11

    better grab the cream that butt is

  • Wehe He
    Wehe He 7 months ago+66

    To many cops hired these days that immature and poor training.

  • Tom Zitting
    Tom Zitting 7 months ago+7

    Save a step bring the Sargent