73 Questions With Lady Gaga | Vogue

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  • Published on:  9/13/2018
  • On the eve of the release of her new film, "A Star Is Born," Lady Gaga invites Vogue to her LA home and answers 73 intriguing questions. While sitting outside, amongst perfectly placed potted plants and flowering ivy, Lady Gaga talks about her songwriting process, working with actor-turned-director Bradley Cooper, and her upcoming Vegas residency.

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    73 Questions With Lady Gaga | Vogue

    Created By: Joe Sabia
    Styled By: Taylor Angino


  • Lesley Smith
    Lesley Smith 11 minutes ago

    Lookin like a bug

  • Annabelle Shan
    Annabelle Shan 23 minutes ago

    Only Gaga could do a 73 questions video that would sound spontaneous. God I love her, she'll always be the Queen of my teenage years <3

  • Mahir Faisal
    Mahir Faisal an hour ago

    73 questions with dwayne johnson. like to promote this plz

  • niea niea
    niea niea an hour ago

    73 questions with agnezmo

  • Maria Massali
    Maria Massali 2 hours ago

    My Mother Monster.

  • Janice Castillo
    Janice Castillo 2 hours ago

    Her decor is very Italian

  • Riswin Jill Caparida

    It seems that Vogue was not allowed to roam around her house...

  • laurenrachel90
    laurenrachel90 3 hours ago

    She is an amazing woman.

  • KR
    KR 3 hours ago

    boring creep

  • Iliana Tacheva
    Iliana Tacheva 3 hours ago

    what a beauty lady ❣

  • Dead Below Zer0
    Dead Below Zer0 4 hours ago+2

    Does anybody else think these super set up interviews are really pretentious?

  • jarednil69
    jarednil69 5 hours ago

    Does her security not want vogue within 20 feet? Wtf? This is a very non personal interview so far.

  • Brandon Penna
    Brandon Penna 6 hours ago+1

    She legit, I hope she wins the big🏆 for this new movie 🤞🏽.

  • Paisley Williams
    Paisley Williams 7 hours ago

    Baffled as to how a major magazine can manage to get their grammar wrong with every one of these videos (there should be no apostrophe in 73 Qs)

  • Giuliano Lanzilli
    Giuliano Lanzilli 7 hours ago

    So she has officially cut all the craziness when it comes to her attires? As in for good?

  • jayati singh
    jayati singh 7 hours ago

    so serene and so honest!!

  • Majestic Ramen
    Majestic Ramen 8 hours ago

    Thank you for the tea talk ♡

  • Edie
    Edie 10 hours ago


  • Sarah R
    Sarah R 11 hours ago

    she's so beautiful