The World of Jake Paul

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  • Published on:  10/8/2018
  • Catch up on Parts 1-4 here

    “The Mind of Jake Paul” is an in depth look at one of the fasted growing Youtuber’s of all time. From his childhood, to his teenage years, to his days of jumping on top of news vans and lighting empty swimming pools on fire; everything will be explored to find out what makes Jake Paul who he is.

    Thanks to:
    Jake Paul
    Kati Morton, Therapist
    Andrew Siwicki
    Erika Costell
    Chad Tepper
    Alissa Violet
    H3H3 Podcast
    Sarah Hawkinson
    Iris - Fae System
    Rewired Soul
    Marcus Butler Podcast
    No Jumper


  • David Conte
    David Conte 8 minutes ago

    Honestly would have been better without trying to play him into the sociopath role and just trying to figure out who he is and why he is this way. Sensing a lot of confirmation bias MS. THERAPIST LADY

  • bobbi.brewtality
    bobbi.brewtality 16 minutes ago

    I'm at the 19 minute mark... I don't know anything about Jake Paul but watching this I like the guy!

  • Alberte Skovmose
    Alberte Skovmose 22 minutes ago

    Am I the only one going crazy over how much jake says “like” 😩

  • Ye Boi
    Ye Boi 44 minutes ago

    OKAY PEOPLE!! Jake is the nicest, coolest and loving guy i know about!!

  • Jack Tisdall
    Jack Tisdall an hour ago

    Shane is so insufferably anxious all the time

  • kai szymonik
    kai szymonik an hour ago

    God this is draining and I’m 2 mins in

  • ツGayathri
    ツGayathri an hour ago

    take a shot everytime jake says 'like'

  • Emperor Frieza
    Emperor Frieza an hour ago

    This is beteer than unfriended

  • Grete Paliulienė
    Grete Paliulienė an hour ago

    Shane bby, ilu, but you shouldve called another therapist. I feel like Even i couldve done this better then her 😀

  • Corinna Engelsmann
    Corinna Engelsmann an hour ago

    Honestly,.. I used to dislike Jake and like Logan more ,.. but after watching this made me change my mind !
    ... I feel like fans don’t really get to see the “real” Jake as much as they should ,.
    So now I guess it’s everyday bro 😌✊🏻

  • Shey Nitta
    Shey Nitta an hour ago

    What is the name of that book?

  • Krylove Ha
    Krylove Ha an hour ago

    if you drive fast, you are a sociopath

  • Eilidh Boyce
    Eilidh Boyce 2 hours ago

    I feel like chad is the social path tbh ?

  • Play Like Crazy
    Play Like Crazy 2 hours ago

    Did anyone else see him like switch characters once he noticed the camera? 41:35

  • holly chapman
    holly chapman 2 hours ago

    *jake & erika’s room is the size of my house*

  • Brianna Mae
    Brianna Mae 2 hours ago

    SHANE YOU PROBABLY WONT SEE THIS. BUTTTTTTTTT YOU SHOULD DO A SERIES ON 02l. I think a lot of us would like to see that and a lot of us have unanswered questions. I think it could be a roller coaster but it would be worth it.

  • Rebecca Scribner
    Rebecca Scribner 2 hours ago

    i love how shane has a coke in his hand the entire video lol

  • Tina boyd
    Tina boyd 3 hours ago+1

    *Joins team 10 for the dogs*

  • Deni Kara
    Deni Kara 3 hours ago+2

    The mouse trap guy thooo.