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  • Bon Appétit (4 days ago)

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  • Kelcy Gotama (1 day ago)

    We want a wourder and release the allicin shirt

  • How are you

  • Bailey Roca (4 days ago)

    Ok so we're just lettin Brad do whatever he wants now then? I'm fine with that

  • alyssa (15 hours ago)

    I am SO here for more non-cooking content

  • Pendergrass Ranch (3 days ago)

    Yup 100%

  • ariu ryl (3 days ago)

    Brad: Can I use my left hand?Keith: Are you a lefty?Brad: No.

  • jon jaquez (3 days ago)

    +Jessie Bryant ha nice.

  • Jessie Bryant (3 days ago)

    it seemed right....

  • izzybeth (3 days ago)

    More proof that Brad has amazing chemistry with literally every human on Earth.

  • theWeaverofTales (2 days ago)

    Not very difficult with this guy, though, he was hilarious

  • Yolo Submarine (2 days ago)

    That ceramicist was pretty classic too, especially his asmr line😅

  • Charlotte Durkins (3 days ago)

    "go in one direction?""thats a great band... im more of a harry styles like solo artist kind of guy" LMAO pottery guy funny!

  • E D (3 days ago)

    With good taste. Totally agreed with the Harry remark 😂👌🏾

  • Beejay Swifter (3 days ago)

    Did you notice the kilns were named after the Gallagher brothers? Someone must like Oasis. ;)

  • TheMightyQtip (3 days ago)

    "I still can't figure out why people watch this."It's for Vinny. We watch it for Vinny.

  • SpringMommy (3 hours ago)

    +Kylie Touchstone 😭 Vincentoooooo!

  • Kylie Touchstone (2 days ago)

    Vinny went to Binging with Babish. He also didn't edit these, you can look it up on his instagram. He edited the first one and that's about it. Love Brad, Vinny and Babish! so I guess it works out..

  • Matt Snyder (3 days ago)

    This production meeting had to be funny.Producer: “Already. So what’s the next episode of our series “it’s alive” where we deal with living things.Brad: PLATES!

  • Jaryn Tyson (1 day ago)

    critics say: it's not alive!

  • Alexander Borsi (1 day ago)

    Keith is on freaking FIRE he is so alive

  • Rach31 (3 days ago)

    I knew Brad was tall, didn't know it was 6'9" tall... now wonder people look small next to him

  • twistedpopo (2 days ago)

    +UnKnown_UsEr do midgets call you a midget?

  • UnKnown_UsEr (2 days ago)

    I would be a midget compared to him. Everyone already calls me a midget.

  • I love Keith. He's got that Brad energy but well spoken

  • Ivar Teunissen (1 day ago)

    It would be great to get an episode where Keith joins Brad in the kitchen. Loved seeing them work together on this.

  • Miss Charlie Aurora (2 days ago)

    brad is well spoken as well he just had executive function issues

  • Care Bear (3 days ago)

    i love this video for two reasons:1. the interactions between brad and keith are such wholesome content2. this video gives me hope that we might actually get to see claire tile a bathroom

  • Julian (1 day ago)

    +kelly McGregor Yeah, I know. I was quoting Brad there ;)

  • kelly McGregor (1 day ago)

    Julian it’s like a two part epoxy