The Wildest NBA Facts No One Has Ever Told You

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  • Published on:  4/14/2019
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  • JxmyHighroller 3 months ago

    Boys, we made it. #50 on trending! 🔥🔥

  • dominic barrett 9 days ago

    Walter Williams yea that’s the last time he scored single points

  • Humble Servant 22 days ago

    JxmyHighroller you’re very successful using NBA footage I wanted to do the same thing while educating people about the game do you have any tips I can use

  • King Leon 3 months ago

    Not gonna lie that LeBron flex at the end was

  • Fernando Diaz 8 days ago

    @Γιάννης Γιάννου rt

  • Kam Dadrass-Barnes 8 days ago


  • TheRanter 3 months ago

    The ending was such a plot twist

  • kaning lamig 15 hours ago

    He played more nba seasons than MJ

  • Kyemin 8 days ago

    @Macey Opinions are like ass holes, everybody is entitled to one and we all know what comes out of it. Nevertheless, it's healthy to share opinions.

  • Zachary Shepherd 3 months ago

    That Lebron reveal at the end shocked tf outta me 😳😳😳🤯

  • Jeremy Blake 20 days ago

    Kyemin name a better series performance then 2016 finals to prove Jordan is better.

  • ILike Hate 2 months ago

    MJ’s fans at the end were like “ THATS WHY MJ IS THE GOAT WHERES LEBUM HAHHAHAHHAAH”

  • jucy 11 days ago

    @ILike Hate what does the pistons beating the bulls have to do with this, and you assume that i play fortnite cause you think im a little toddler when im literally older than you, also im not making an argument, you are because you said lebron didnt get swept and didnt specify what year so i corrected you, and you say lol and lmao like you know everything about basketball and im retarded

  • Dazja Alexander 2 months ago

    That ending sent chills down my spine

  • Fertile Mistro 1 months ago

    lol weak

  • Diego Draper 3 months ago

    10:11 "this man spent 2 and a half quarters running back and forth" 💀

  • Casey Shapiro 14 days ago

    Jared Easterling did anyone ask. no

  • Jared Easterling 17 days ago

    Diego Draper we do that in soccer for 90 minutes lol

  • Jaden Heron BBall 2 months ago

    So no one gonna point out that kawhi Leonard had to deal being in the same conference as the warriors and is barely behind draymond green in winning percentage

  • Evan Croissant 4 days ago

    Joey Mutts exactly that’s what I’m saying. And yeah Dreymond runs pick and rolls not 3 pt shots and he’s an amazing defender. If the warriors didn’t have dreymond they would get scored on a bunch. They don’t need Dreymond to shoot 3s cus they have CURRY. Literally the greatest shooter of all time, and Klay Thompson a top 10 shooter.

  • Evan Croissant 4 days ago

    Jaden Heron BBall He wasn’t in the same conference with the warriors when they were good tho, actually he was with the Spurs before the warriors were good and in the east in probably the best team in the east, so ya

  • Max Hamilton 3 months ago

    For the 1% of people that see this. Have an amazing day😁

  • Anthony SEV 27 days ago

    When u say 1% u know 1% of the world is 70+million😂😂

  • Blair Skilling 1 months ago

    u too

  • DINO92AVFC 3 months ago

    11:24 The greatest stat I've seen in this video is Isaiah Thomas being inducted into the HOF, and then 11 years later being drafted as a 60th overall pick 😂Hint: the Zeke's name is spelled "Isiah", while the IT is "Isaiah". I see NBA Youtubers making this mistake over and over again.

  • Plowbeast 2 months ago

    Obviously he just prestiged to get more perks

  • Wave Clutcher 3 months ago

    DINO92AVFC I thought I was dumb so I looked it up