Masego - Queen Tings ft. Tiffany Gouché (Official Music Video)



  • Diana Augustin
    Diana Augustin 14 days ago+2777

    The model in this video made me click so fast. She’s gorgeous

  • Ben Ola
    Ben Ola 14 days ago+1214

    Woah the black beauty in this video makes me want to cry

  • Whitney Lubin
    Whitney Lubin 7 days ago+745

    I definitely clicked immediately because of the ethereal looking dark skin model.

  • eloquexquisite
    eloquexquisite 7 days ago+408

    The dark skinned model has the features of a lioness, so beautiful

  • Emmanuel Fletcher
    Emmanuel Fletcher 7 days ago+44

    Dark chocolate and late summer vibes. I got a new favorite song.

  • Jessica Sanders
    Jessica Sanders 14 days ago+1870

    Yeah but how did u get Mother Earth herself to be in your video? 🤔

  • Kheilah Short
    Kheilah Short 14 days ago+286

    The model remind me of a beautiful cat. Like a Jaguar or Cheetah. Her features are gorgeous 😍😍

  • Austin ATOM
    Austin ATOM 14 days ago+476

    Who’s the woman at the beginning?! Good lord she fine 🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Rosemary Haireka
    Rosemary Haireka 14 days ago+498

    I appreciate how the dark skinned woman is maining in this video! THAT MELANIN POPPING AND GLOWING 🌟

  • Aziz Brown
    Aziz Brown 14 days ago+70

    This video is beautiful. Felt like I was stepping into a higher vibration for a moment

  • Hope Mwangi
    Hope Mwangi 14 days ago+1935

    This songs sounds like how it feels when you put on cocoa butter ♡♡

  • 애 정Minnvie
    애 정Minnvie 7 days ago+71

    Blacks are really Queens of true beauty and braveness, this song is giving me good vibes

  • Kim Jennie 야만인 :3

    This is B͎E͎A͎U͎T͎I͎F͎U͎L͎ and very natural and love how they’re skin glows and the song is so relaxing luv it 💯

  • Blezz J.
    Blezz J. 14 days ago+100

    I didn’t want the visuals to end 😫🥰🔥 3 mins went by so fast 🥺

  • larche mohamed
    larche mohamed 7 days ago+24

    two words, African beauty

  • tokyoasis
    tokyoasis 21 days ago+2484

    This should be played in the Lion King movie tbh

  • Taylor Boatwright
    Taylor Boatwright 7 days ago+28

    The simplicity of a mother feeding her child without the unrealistic expectations and ridiculous backlash

  • Rachel Nelson
    Rachel Nelson 7 days ago+26

    I clicked on this because of the thumbnail. So freakin gorgeous 😭😭😭 also pretty nice song 🤗

  • Grandma Lidia
    Grandma Lidia 7 days ago+9

    such beautiful music I hope the best for everyone in this world take care of yourself
    Love Grandma

  • jahbless4ever
    jahbless4ever 14 days ago+27

    Beautiful. We need more positive songs with Darkskin black women. Love from Jamaica ❤️.