Tony Hawk Skates and Eats Iconic Burgers | The Burger Show

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  • Published on:  3/5/2019
  • In the Season 3 premiere of The Burger Show, pro-Skater Tony Hawk teams up with Alvin to taste-test iconic burgers, including the Ramen Burger and Impossible Burger. From his ubiquitous video game series to his record-breaking feats at The X-games, Tony's influence is writ large on skate culture. So we thought it was only fitting to have one legend in the skate world judge another set of legends in the burger world. And for good measure, Tony busted out some tricks on the vert ramp with—you guessed it—a burger in hand. Catch the premiere of Season 3 with Tony Hawk here: to First We Feast on YouTube: out more of First We Feast here: 3Episode 1First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.


  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  5 months ago+835

    THE BURGER SHOW IS BACK, BABY! Who do you want to see on the show this year?

  • Versaucey
    Versaucey 5 months ago+4901

    R.I.P those burgers that were harmed without being eaten in the making of this video, you will be missed.

  • Ben Leong
    Ben Leong 5 months ago+699

    Tony: I really don't like onions--always order burgers without them.
    Alvin: Here's a huge pile of onions on your burger.
    Tony: I also don't like blue cheese--I try to stay away from it.
    Alvin: Here's a huge scoop of blue cheese on your burger. Also, here's a huge scoop of onion marmalade on top.

  • T.C.J B
    T.C.J B 5 months ago+531

    Whats that> You don't like blue cheese or onions? Try this blue cheese and onion jam burger.

  • Jessica
    Jessica 5 months ago+335

    I think that Alvin is a genuinely good chef, a nice guy, and very knowledgeable. That being said, Sean, please give this guy some training/advice in giving interviews. I’m sure that he’s just nervous, but he’s not very knowledgeable about guests and doesn’t connect with them, but alienates them. Your show has to be flexible to accommodate the guests. If goddamned Tony Hawk doesn’t like onions and bleu cheese, give him a burger without it! Improvise, dude. The issue is that this lack of connection makes this show awkward and borderline unwatchable.

  • Sumit Shrivastava
    Sumit Shrivastava 5 months ago+359

    5:35 Him trying to pull out the onion ring. Come on guys, it's one thing to stick to the recipe, it s another to give a person something he has specifically said they don't want.

  • actual
    actual 5 months ago+941

    Don't waste burgers like ever again. You hear me?

  • 5iwot5
    5iwot5 5 months ago+245

    Wondering where the dislikes came from but after watching... Yeahhh pretty cringe, Tony is trying to be polite and subtily make clear that he doesn't like onions. Alvin: Give this man all the onions!

  • Frodo Baggins
    Frodo Baggins 5 months ago+269

    I love Tony Hawk and I love burgers, but this host just didn't really seem to be very good in my opinion. I felt like Tony Hawk really carried this interview when it should typically be the host's job.

  • SKippySounds
    SKippySounds 5 months ago+35

    Why don't you just put an onion between two burger buns while you're at it lol

  • Wehttamman
    Wehttamman 4 months ago+23

    It feels more like Tony Hawk was interviewing Alvin, not the other way round

  • Nicholas Greco
    Nicholas Greco 5 months ago+1221

    Tony: always get no onions
    every burger they try has onions

  • Nick k
    Nick k 5 months ago+13

    Tony said the phrase "no onions" like 6 times and he still put onions on it.

  • IIllOdinllII
    IIllOdinllII 5 months ago+9

    Alvin why would you feed this man Onion and MULTIPLE TIMES and then BLUECHEESE AND ONION when he literally said he didnt like it. This guy was just being polite but jesus. Step up your game man.

  • Dave R
    Dave R 5 months ago+54

    This was legit painful to watch. Alvin needs to go if you want this to get anywhere close to Hot Ones-level success

  • k
    k 5 months ago+47

    he was out of breath reading the intro lmao

  • Ky
    Ky 5 months ago+1336

    Alvin when your guest says "no onions" multiple times, don't put onion on their burger lol

  • baileyboy125
    baileyboy125 5 months ago+27

    Hawk: "No onions"
    Presenter: ok lemme just put onions in all these burgers

  • Levi Corbett
    Levi Corbett 5 months ago+5

    I love how Tony has something bad to say about each.

  • Asuka.Langley.Soryu
    Asuka.Langley.Soryu 5 months ago+5

    Honestly, that second burger would be great if you just remove the noodles and give it a regular bun.