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  • Published on:  6/13/2018
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  • ashley wicka
    ashley wicka a years ago+2865

    I genuinely have spent over 15 hours watching your videos these past few days and I don’t regret it a bit

  • ryan carson
    ryan carson a years ago+1433

    when you watch Ryan's video and then realize that somehow his subscriber count tripled

  • a person
    a person a years ago+269

    1:52 “get swole for the ladies hopefully they start liking me” Ryan ur hot shut up

  • Mae Scarlett
    Mae Scarlett a years ago+144

    Who else watched that video about loren and then subscribed

  • ash olsen
    ash olsen a years ago+433

    some lean cuisine if u know what i mean

  • Deestroying
    Deestroying a years ago+628

    glad I didnt listen to that Kanye album.. lol

  • ash olsen
    ash olsen a years ago+364

    ah ryan. king of self deprecating humour.

  • S S
    S S a years ago+59

    Hes gonna blow up just like emma did

  • adorebolton
    adorebolton a years ago+322

    I fell off my bed of all the laughter

  • Allie L.
    Allie L. a years ago+354

    ryan what the heck you have 180k. perfectionism

  • Allie L.
    Allie L. a years ago+114

    glad to see you handle the hydra packages very gently.. will be purchasing ;) 3:40

  • Dope Bricks
    Dope Bricks a years ago+74

    you have gained so many subs so quickly

  • lieshuh
    lieshuh a years ago+646

    I barely found this guy yesterday and I've been binge watching all his videos

  • elliexc
    elliexc a years ago+59

    WAIT RYAN HAS 180k SUBS I SWEAR HE HAD LIKE 70k(which is still crazy good) LAST VID

  • reksa
    reksa a years ago+14

    SLAY ryan SLAY. anyone who watches his "loren gray is lying to you" video, will understand. oh, and ur at 196k congrats man, perfectionism.

  • Julia 3486
    Julia 3486 a years ago+45

    Ok I’ve decided. He needs to collaborate with Emma chamberlain

  • Christopher Hartigan
    Christopher Hartigan a years ago+50

    20,000 I think u mean 100,000

  • hallee young
    hallee young a years ago+406

    ive literally known u for like a day and youre one of my fav youtubers you should be proud

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia a years ago+32

    I knew you were gonna blow up YouTube sooner or later

  • Squints
    Squints a years ago+51

    How is Ryan about to hit 200k if he just hit 100k??