Dragon Ball Super: Broly Trailer #3 - (English Sub)

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  • Published on:  11/7/2018
  • Funimation has released a new subtitled trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The new trailer offers our first look at Vegeta going Super Saiyan God and gives our best look yet at Goku and Vegeta's fight against Broly. The 20th Dragon Ball movie hits theaters in North America in January 2019.

    Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive - Comic Con 2018:

    Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer #2 - (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive - NYCC 2018:

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  • Michael Baumler
    Michael Baumler 46 minutes ago

    The last, when I see a DB character who has his shirt off, showing us their muscular upper body, screaming at the top of his lungs, and surrounded be a powerful aura, that when I know things are about to get intense.

  • GAMER GUY Coming to Win
    GAMER GUY Coming to Win 46 minutes ago+1

    1:10 me trying to survive no nut November

  • Pedro game
    Pedro game an hour ago+1


  • Laurence Acosta
    Laurence Acosta an hour ago

    For you guys?,who is stronger jiren or broly for me jiren because he is the only can handle mui goku,but i need your opinion

  • MalikZaheerKnux
    MalikZaheerKnux an hour ago

    It's the legendary body builder saiyan he will bench press us all

  • Alberto Isaac Lpz
    Alberto Isaac Lpz an hour ago

    At second 0:59 you can see a glimpse of gogeta

  • christar331
    christar331 an hour ago

    Is it the song that makes the trailer so great, or is it the trailer that makes the trailer look great?

  • Rick Sukhra
    Rick Sukhra 2 hours ago

    Dragon Ball is probably one of the few animes that I like English dubbed, mainly because of the fact that Goku sounds way better dubbed and the VA for Goku in subbed for some reason doesn't sound correct.

  • King Barrios
    King Barrios 2 hours ago+1

    its true vegeta have ssg in this movie

  • leonard vuniqi
    leonard vuniqi 2 hours ago+1

    This was amazing

  • Jerry Pendergrass
    Jerry Pendergrass 2 hours ago+1

    o and I can do draw better than the so called pros been drawing dbz since I was eight I'm 28 now that's why I can tell you the animation is extremely lazy

  • Xaviar Vinson
    Xaviar Vinson 3 hours ago+1

    Broly SsjGod

  • dragon ball elmo blood
    dragon ball elmo blood 3 hours ago+2

    1:10 when they give you the big FSA

  • Jūju
    Jūju 3 hours ago+1

    At 1:10 is similar to when Broly was first shown as the legendary super saiyan.

  • FUCK Larry Hoover
    FUCK Larry Hoover 3 hours ago+1

    What’s the song ?

  • Hood Narurto
    Hood Narurto 3 hours ago+1

    Am I the only one that noticed vegeta is doing the Gallik gun pose but he used final flash?

  • The Indoraptor
    The Indoraptor 4 hours ago+2

    Now we need Ultra Instinct.

  • Kennedy
    Kennedy 4 hours ago+1

    Whos here after the spoilers

  • Israel Pereira
    Israel Pereira 4 hours ago+1

    Nostalgia e nem vi ainda ksksksksk

  • k1l3r10
    k1l3r10 4 hours ago+1

    Did I just see Whis be present during the Broly fight?