Khalid - Better (Official Music Video)

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  • Published on:  11/8/2018
  • “Better” Official Video out now!

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  • BarryTube (Nov 8, 2018)

    This guy can't make any bad songs even if he tries 🔥

  • DarkMan!! (Mar 15, 2019)

    BarryTube 500th comment!!!

  • SULEEN Aladwani (Mar 1, 2019)

    باااري شعندك

  • tenorbuds (1 day ago)

    Khalid is literally like a superhero dodging all those cars. I was afraid he was gonna get hit while filming this, but hey nothing feels better than listening to Khalid's voice. It's so soothing and so is this song. We just covered "Better" on my channel, hope you will watch it. Anyone else listen to this song when life gets stressful?

  • Mr.Nice Guy (4 days ago)

    [ LYRICS ]Love to see you shine in the night like the diamond you areI'm on the other side, it's alright, just hold me in the darkNo one's got to know what we do, hit me up when you're boredNah'Cause I live down the street, so we meet when you need it, it's yoursAll I hear isNothin' feels better than thisNothin' feels betterNothin' feels better than thisNothin' feels better, no, noWe don't gotta hideThis is what you like, I admitNothin' feels better than thisYou say we're just friends ...

  • 28-3 Atlanta? (2 hours ago)

    Mr.Nice Guy waste of time because there are lyric videos but ok

  • Pillow (14 hours ago)

    +Raven and your point is what bitch ?

  • NACE JEHART (5 days ago)

    This song is cure for anxiety it realy calms you down...Khalid 4everEdit: thanks for likes

  • Madison Stafford (14 hours ago)

    True omg

  • MrJMO78 (23 hours ago)

    Jesus Christ what is with people saying "Thank You" for likes?! Stop craving acceptance from strangers. Go do something to be "liked" from a real person who you can actually interact with.

  • Pineapple 303 (3 days ago)

    Not gonna lie I don’t understand most of the words in this besides the chorus, but it doesn’t matter because it’s still so good

  • DeylahsDaylah (2 hours ago)

    Thats correction, If I pay attention I can't understand, if I don't pay attention I can understand everything lmao.

  • pattygq (3 hours ago)

    No need to lol, I'll become a sheep if I do

  • Chika Minute (Nov 13, 2018)

    Close your eyes. Feel the beat. Fly.

  • Umme Salma Tahir (2 days ago)

    Never been so in my feels

  • Kiyirah G (Mar 6, 2019)

    Just as you said it...

  • ana a (2 days ago)

    this song is both calming and anxious calming: khalids voice nervous: the cars that i think might hit him

  • Alex Bisson (29 minutes ago)

    u thinking the cars are real makes me wonder about prescription drugs and the amount given to citizens in the US

  • Ms. Cherry (1 day ago)

    😂😂hell yeah..first thought when I first saw video.. now I'm like 600 times watching it and like nah ain't gone hit em he to Smoove to get hit😂 😂😂😂😂 Song is 🔥

  • mar b (6 days ago)

    Khalid=Me in my roomThe cars=My feels

  • Ladajzo Brinton (7 hours ago)

    +Agustin Gonzalez wtf

  • xXZaranoffXx L (12 hours ago)

    Aufstieg und Uiuiuiui und

  • Melissa Pena (2 days ago)

    Nothing Sounds Better Than This 2019 😋

  • # Lurchliebe (2 days ago)

    This is the perfect song for driving at night

  • Hannah Gonzales (3 hours ago)