Khalid - Better (Official Video)

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  • Published on:  11/8/2018
  • “Better” Official Video out now! Follow Khalid:


  • Lightning Gamer21 4 months ago

    Press this button if Khalid is better than lil pump👇

  • Logan Barnes seconds ago

    @NadeBlxntzZ Uprising i don't no, seems pretty gay to me

  • phantom boy 33 minutes ago

    @XxLuckyStarxX true

  • Shy Steel an hour ago

    No half naked womenNo money&fameNo crazy styles No drugsNo flashingNo violenceIt’s great

  • Shy Steel 9 hours ago

    Nikola well I’m 14

  • Roxling 9 days ago

    Is this anyone else’s favorite song?

  • Alexzander Pablo seconds ago

    Ringtone and New alarm what do y0ou think

  • Amad Uddin 14 hours ago


  • Razi Ullah 8 days ago

    His voice makes you feel like everything will be alright...

  • Shuhada Shahareen an hour ago

    Trueee it's so relaxing

  • Enock Osuma an hour ago

    Everything wil b fine

  • Joel Francis 20 days ago

    Khalid seems like a guy who is kind to everyone

  • Raw Sauce 14 hours ago

    @Thank_u_next • Shawn Menzes

  • KookieSimply an hour ago

    Well, he is.

  • Jeff Pape 21 days ago

    Khalid just seems like just such a genuine guy. Massive respect for his success.

  • Enock Osuma an hour ago

    Especially just alone😂

  • Jabulani Chimbwete an hour ago


  • Yori Yasuhiro 16 days ago

    This is what a called good music, no gucci bs or b*tches. Just pure beat and lyrics. I see you're man of sport as well. Thanks for this good music.

  • Yori Yasuhiro an hour ago

    @Bo Yang It's 90's born favorite from Need for Speed.

  • Yori Yasuhiro an hour ago

    @Amanda Blanton ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿????????????????????

  • Marwah Najib 10 days ago

    Produsers: dont u want girls in this videoKhalid: CARS!!!

  • Steven Torres an hour ago


  • Shy Steel an hour ago

    Marwah Najib right

  • Yamato Takahashi 8 days ago

    Lil Pump:Flexes with LamborghinisPost Malone:Flexes with tanksKhalid:FLEXES WITH 1990 BMWS

  • Jakob R35PECT an hour ago

    fromanlovespinball bruh my fav gen of rhe m3 other than the e46

  • fromanlovespinball 2 days ago

    U gotta be kidding me. I'm pointing out it's a M3 simply because a 3 series that yr is common but a M3 isn't. U must like BMW or sum😂

  • Rick Grimes 2 months ago

    This song makes my want to drive at night to no destination

  • Jahtasha Peak 7 hours ago

    Real fast too ! 👌🥇

  • Sparsha Hegde 5 days ago