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  • Published on:  1/11/2019
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  • 24jonesw 5 months ago


  • Jb 2 months ago

    Cornex facts

  • p24jonesw

  • Cameron Marsh 5 months ago

    Try rebuilding a team of g-league players.. but give yourself a couple extra years

  • Max Serafini 5 months ago

    Here is an idea. Replace every team that doesn't make the playoffs with their all time team. For example, let's say that the trail blazers made the playoffs. The next year, they might not because the all time teams that replaces the non playoff teams are better. Do 3-4 seasons and see how it goesLike so Kenny can see

  • Big Chungus 3 months ago

    Max Serafini that would be good because at some point there would be all the new rookies

  • Mago LeDude 5 months ago

    What if he gave every team their best all time player instead?

  • BEAST MODE 3 months ago

    "We don't blow these" 3-1 turns into 3-3 ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT.

  • Nicholas Cambi 9 hours ago

    Pg 13 is my favorite player and I made it to the end

  • Vin Stephenson 5 months ago

    This is my favorite rebuild that you do

  • Davide Amistadi 27 days ago

    how can you do this? I mean, how can you change the players of a team in nba 2k19?

  • Harris Choudhary 5 months ago

    Cassius Felix favorite style of rebuild

  • Marqcus Holdaway 5 months ago

    Pg13, loved this thanks bro!

  • Michael Shih 5 months ago

    At first I thought this was lnu

  • ItzJuixe 8 days ago

    If I was him I would keep Marc Gasol and try to see If the Raptors would like Bam adebayo and then this would be the lineupPG KYLE LOWRYSG BRADLEY BEALSF PAUL GEORGE PF PASCAL SIAKAMC MARC GASOLRECORD 73-9

  • Biggamer 0723 2 months ago

    Kenny if u put Mitchell Robinson at center and then that's championship worthy defenceIn my opinion Mitchell Robinson is one of the biggest steals of the 2018 draft